Kuhlekt SAAS Solution

Credit Collection & Dispute Resolution

The Kuhlekt Software As A Service solution is a web based platform providing a global, business wide collaborative solution delivering improved debtor and disputes management into your business.

In short your organisation will achieve a reduced DSO, better improved cashflow & satisfied clients, all using less collection resources.

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What does Kuhlekt do


Below are just some of the great features of the Kuhlekt SAAS solution.


Simplified visual representation of overall status

The dashboard shows snapshot of the overall status of the accounts for a collector, as well as a full overview for managers

To do lists

Drives collector activity

Your collectors always know what they are doing with multiple to-do lists to ensure timely customer contact, provisioning, and dunning runs

Account details

View the account details

Aged Trial Balances
Balanace, Sales & DSO graphs
Account details

Open items

View the account open items

View the open items imported from the ERP system


Centralised view of all contact activities

Kuhlekt provides for the following activities:
Phone Calls
Promise To Pays


Provisioning managed in real time

Kuhlekt ensures that accounts are provisioned as soon as required, so that the overall provisioning data is always up to date.


Send and receive emails

Kuhlekt has built in email functionality to allow email correspondence with customers all without leaving the Kuhlekt ecosystem.


Powerful dunning system

Kuhlekt takes the dunning solution to the next level with an intuitive system from creation to delivery


Manage customer disputes

Kuhlekt record disputes, automates the flow of the dispute through investigation, and approval, and if necessary the financial creation of a credit adjustment or debit memo

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Kuhlekt delivers many functions and some you may not have thought of, all designed to ensure that your whole business has a professional, timely and collaborative approach to collections and dispute management. See how in this short video.

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