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Credit Managment and Collections

Best Working Capital Management SaaS company 2023

At Kuhlekt, we offer a strategic, methodical and personalised approach to navigating your order to cash (O2C) activities. Our comprehensive system seamlessly integrates all of your order to cash (O2C) activities into your regular daily workflow, offering you an easy and convenient end-to-end solution.

Recognising that every client is unique, our model allows for tailored data structures that prioritise flexibility over a one-size-fits-all approach. We take pride in offering a credit and collections solution that is as unique as your business is.


Daily workflow integration

Weave your credit management and collections activities into your daily task workflows, ensuring your collections efforts are aligned with the real-time status of your debtors.


Dunning reminders

Our system features automated dunning reminders to systematically prompt users to address overdue accounts daily, streamlining communications with debtors and expediting the resolution of outstanding balances.


Efficient statement reporting

Our platform facilitates efficient statement reporting, providing a snapshot of financial transactions and account status. Users can generate statements on-demand or as part of scheduled reporting cycles.


Inbuilt DSO calculations

The days sales outstanding (DSO) calculation is seamlessly integrated into our platform, providing you with a real-time, dynamic measure of the average time it takes to collect payment after a sale. 

The Kuhlekt credit and collections system is centred around an adaptable data model that recognises that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t suit all businesses. Instead, our system is designed to accommodate your unique requirements through configurable data structures that align with specific industry nuances, reporting preferences, and business processes.

Welcome to a future where your credit and collections system is not just a tool, but a tailored solution that is optimised to evolve with the unique needs of your business.