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Payment Portal

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Customer autonomy and convenience – our Self-Serve Portal is a robust platform designed to empower users with a suite of features that streamline financial transactions, provide comprehensive insights, and facilitate seamless interactions. 

Move those hours servicing customers to self serve automation.

Here’s a breakdown of the key functionalities:


The Self-Serve Portal places payment control directly in the hands of users. It allows them to initiate payments at their convenience, providing flexibility in settling outstanding invoices or bills. Whether it’s a one-time payment or a scheduled recurring transaction, users can manage their financial commitments efficiently.

Direct Debit Processing and Setup:

Our platform simplifies the ACH, direct debit process. Users can set up and manage direct debit arrangements effortlessly, ensuring timely payments without the need for constant manual intervention. The system allows for easy modifications or cancellations of ACH, direct debits, putting users in control of their financial commitments.

Open Items Download:

Accessing and managing open items has never been easier. Users can download copies or Excel listings of open items directly from the portal. This feature provides transparency and enables users to keep track of their financial obligations with ease.

Parent-Child Relationship Visualization:

For users dealing with complex financial structures involving parent-child relationships, our portal offers a visual representation. Parent accounts can see invoices to be paid by the child and child accounts can visualize the invoice the parent will settle.

Download Statements:

Users can access and download historical statements directly from the portal. This feature ensures that they have a comprehensive record of their financial activities, facilitating reconciliation and record-keeping. The ability to download statements at any time enhances transparency and accountability.

View Portal Payment Histories:

Track and monitor payment histories directly from the portal. Users can access a detailed history of their transactions, providing insights into past payments, direct debits, and other financial activities. This feature not only fosters accountability but also serves as a valuable tool for financial planning.

Lodge Disputes:

Should users encounter discrepancies or have concerns about specific transactions, our portal enables them to lodge disputes seamlessly. The dispute resolution feature streamlines the process, ensuring that issues are addressed promptly and efficiently. Users can provide details, track the status of their disputes, and receive updates through the portal.

User-Friendly Interface:

The Self-Serve Portal boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate and access the functionalities they need. Clear menus, guided processes, and responsive design contribute to a positive user experience.

Our Self-Serve Portal is a one-stop solution for users seeking financial independence and efficiency. From initiating payments and managing direct debits to accessing open items, visualizing parent-child relationships, downloading statements, viewing payment histories, and lodging disputes – this platform empowers users with the tools they need to take control of their financial interactions. Welcome to a new era of self-managed, transparent, and convenient financial engagement.