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KPI Recording & Management

Best Working Capital Management SaaS company 2023

Continuous improvement and a commitment to achieving excellence are both important features of any financial process, and the order to cash (O2C) process is no exception.


With Kuhlekt’s comprehensive KPI reporting system, collect thousands of daily data points from across the accounts receivable process. Our system allows you to set targets at regional or individual levels, empowering you to optimise your business’s financial performance with precision and clarity.



Comprehensive KPI reporting 

Kuhlekt offers a comprehensive solution to performance reporting, with thousands of data points and metrics available. Key performance indicators (KPIs) provide a holistic view of the financial health and efficiency of your accounts receivable process – from cash flow metrics to collection efficiency.



Target setting at individual and regional levels 

Whether your focus is on regional performance or individual contributions, our platform allows you to set targets at either an individual or regional level. We make it simple for you to track the performance of your teams and foster motivation and accountability at all levels of your business.



Historical review 

Take a deep dive into historical data with our multi-faceted viewing options. Explore trends, successes, and challenges through region-specific reviews, KPI-centric analyses, or individual performance assessments.



Dynamic region-centric analysis


Our system provides a dynamic region-centric analysis that allows you to assess the performance of each region independently, with consideration to local economic conditions, customer behaviour, and regulatory influences.



Individualised performance tracking 

Hone in on the individual contributions made by each of your team members with Kuhlekt’s individualised performance tracking feature. Assess the effectiveness of specific team members, roles, or teams across the accounts receivable process.



User-friendly dashboards


Navigate through vast amounts of data effortlessly with our user-friendly dashboards. Intuitive interfaces present complex data in an accessible manner, allowing users to quickly navigate through KPI performance, historical trends, and regional or individual contributions.



Goal alignment and continuous improvement


Foster a culture of continuous improvement by tracking progress toward overarching targets, identifying opportunities for improvement, and creating a feedback loop for sustained growth and excellence.


With a commitment to goal alignment and continuous improvement, our platform positions organisations for success in the ever-evolving landscape of accounts Receivable management. Our platform transforms data into actionable insights with ease, making it easy for you to drive excellence in your financial processes.